This is the latest addition to the very popular cross body. (NOW in Cork)  It has a zip to the rear of the main body and another zip in the main lining. Lots of security, main chamber is protected by top zip and small strap that also locks over. It's designed to be opened only by the wearer. Access is made difficult for pick pockets.

We have always boasted that we never sell leather, but now we are boasting that we sell cork. The bag is flexible, durable and a great addition to your summer bags. Five different patterns in standard bag or crossbody, natural, renewable and recyclable, it is biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.In the squares above you can see the different patterns and the back of the bagA great city bag. Don't forget to choose your pattern, top to bottom "Hanover" "Trafalgar" "Grosvenor". the back is pictured above           

H18 W17cms


BN009a Cross Body Cork Bag