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Girls, whats the most valuble thing I could give you?

Some of you might say that its millions of pounds or a new Rolls Royce, perhaps a new house,the, the top job? I have to admit I can't give you any of these. What I can give you is time! the most precious thing we all have so little of, time! How can I? a girl from nowhere give you time? Well I can give you at least 4 to 5 hours per week, that's half a day to spend with your family, or quality time to yourself. Its so simple I do it every week! I get my hair wash and blowed dry professionally every week it takes about 40 minutes, then I'm done for the week, oh I forgot to add it will save you money too and did I mention you'll look and feel great.

Ok no tricks, by having my hair blow dry I don't have to buy any hair care products, saving £s I don't have to blow dry my hair every day before sorting the kids or dashing out the door to catch the train (just think another 30 minutes in bed) . I'm saving electricity and water, no towels to clean so I'm even, environmentally friendly.

My hair is thick and long but this will work on any bodies hair first you have to train it, if you are a 'wash every day person" start by skipping a day so only wash it every other day, then every two days and so on, its much healthier for you hair not to be washed and dried every day. Then find yourself a good stylist that can blow dry your hair make an appointment every week and you're away. My stylist is a young girl called Paige she works at Hush Hair salon in Birmingham, just for the price of a couple of drinks or 3 packs of cigarettes, you look fabulous and have more quality time for you.

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